The Number 1 Reason Veterans Fail | What You Can Do to Avoid The Path to Failure

13271794554_21f033aeae_zA good number of veterans fail in life after signing out of the military and coming home.

That is a sad yet undeniable fact.

Why do you think this is?

Is it the lack of money? The lack of time? The lack of skills?

The truth may surprise you – because it is none of these reasons!

The number one reason that veterans fail is because of their mindset.

Veterans come out of the military and have a reliance on too much structure. Veterans develop an unhealthy dependency on large scale support systems. They are used to going to school to learn something and then finding themselves stuck in the position!

Unfortunately, there is a lack of these major things in the civilian world. Oftentimes, what meets a veteran out there is chaos.

A good friend Ryan Masters, who runs the A Spartan Rises Program says that the one thing he notices that most veterans have in common is just how “structured” they are.

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Veterans also seem to be extremely dependent on systems. From paying bills at the admin, to getting supplies from the supplies department or going to the armory to get weapons, veterans are just used to going somewhere that is organized and in place to get whatever he needs. After all, this is the way it has always been structured in the military and it is all too easy to get used to that.

The fact of the matter is if veterans cannot accept that things do not work this way in the outside world anymore, then he will never be able to adjust. This acceptance of his new reality is part of the change of mindset that has to occur in order for him to succeed.

There are also other things a veteran can do to further change his mindset. They include:


1.  Being open to new ideas

Veterans shouldn’t complain because real life systems don’t operate the way they did in the military. What he should instead do is make the effort to go out there and learn how the civilian systems work.

Health insurance is a great example. Having health insurance is very important for one’s overall well-being. Veterans should see to it that they learn all about it.

That’s not all though. There are other things like disability insurance, mortgages and many others. A savvy veteran should try to find how he can get the best deals in all of this areas.

Yes, he may be a bit behind compared to those who have always been in the civilian world but there is no reason why he cannot catch up.

By approaching these matters systematically, coupled with the excellent work ethic that veterans have gained for the military, it is relatively easy to catch up. If you study hard enough, within a year, you will be passing people who have been doing this for twenty.


13271606593_0695ef9c0c_z2.  Don’t be afraid of surrounding yourself with amazing people

There is no reason to go through the challenging transition time alone. If you take a look around you will find that there are so many people who may be able to support you.

Besides the obvious which are friends and family, you can even approach people who offer their services for a fee. Great examples are accountants who can help figure out your finances, lawyers who may be able to guide you with business decisions, or even tailors who can help you dress better.

You’re not even limited to just these. You can also surround yourself with other veterans who are ahead of you in their transition.

There are so many veterans who are willing to help and mentor other veterans. It is all a matter of finding them.


3.  Continue learning

The saying you can’t teach a dog new tricks is simply untrue. Never see yourself as an old dog.

Always look for ways to expand your mind. Be proactive and learn new skills. Have fun and always make it a point to teach yourself something new.

By opening yourself up to new skills and new experiences, you do not only end up having fun and acquiring a new skill but you may also end up surprising others and force them to look at you in a new light. These people may even consider you for position and jobs that they never would have otherwise.

Never forget that the reason that veterans fail and succeed is the same- it is due to their mindset! By putting your personal mindset in the right direction, you will be ensuring your own success!

Until next time!

Click here to watch The Number 1 Reason Veterans Fail | What You Can Do to Avoid The Path to Failure on Youtube