13 Advantages Vets Have In The Marketplace – Test YY

A lot of talk about veterans revolves around the challenges they face and the assistance they need.

But what about the strengths veterans already possess?

Here we’re going to look at thirteen different strengths that every serviceman and servicewoman should be well equipped to bring to any business or industry they join:

1. Leadership

LeadershipOnly a small percentage of veterans went through officer training, but every grunt operates with the day-to-day awareness that he or she could become the person making the decisions in the space of a heartbeat.

And just important as training is examples and experience — anyone who’s been in the military has seen leadership in action every day of their service. The grunts are usually on the receiving end, true, but they still know who’s a good commander and who’s a bad one.

The skills for giving directions in the civilian world aren’t quite the same as those for giving orders in the military — there’s much less automatic obedience, for one thing — but the basic principles of leadership are the same.

Everyone who’s been in the armed forces ought to be able to think of at least one or two officers that they he or she admired. Those examples, and the combat-ready training to step up and lead at a moment’s notice, are skills that civilian employers can find plenty of uses for.

Leadership1Don’t be shy to let people know your leadership capabilities in job interviews and cover letters. Be up front about your experiences. If you led groups of servicemen and servicewomen, you can run a meeting or a work crew no problem.

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