13 Advantages Vets Have In The Marketplace – Test YY

6. Accelerated Learning

One thing servicemen and servicewomen have to be is fast learners.

There’s not really an alternative. Every training course you take, from basic onward, is an experience in having new skills thrown at you at a furious pace.

In the military that gets taken for granted. It’s just how things are done. But in the civilian world, the pace that every grunt gets trained at would be considered intensive.

It’s not just the training, either — when you think about overseas deployments, or even a move to a new base within the country, you’re looking at a massive overnight shift in how things are done. You’re expected to learn as you go, and fast.

New countries, new units, new positions — it’s all something that just about every service member has gone through. By the time you’re out you’re used to absorbing change and internalizing new ways of doing things like it was second nature.

That makes veterans one of the most trainable pools of employees out there. And there’s a lot of places that want to hire fast learners. It’s cheaper for them, and the results at the end of the training are better, with less time wasted on mistakes made after the training period.

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