13 Advantages Vets Have In The Marketplace – Test YY

9. Loyalty

Most people don’t go into the military if they don’t already feel some sense of loyalty to their country. Yeah, there are some enticing benefits, but realistically there are very, very few people who are in it purely for the monetary rewards.

Military training works deliberately to emphasize that sense of loyalty, and to channel it into a loyalty not just to the nation as a whole but to your immediate squad, platoon, team, etc., and to your unit and your branch of the service.

Obviously, it’s not particularly relevant to an employer or a co-worker that you’re a diehard member of this unit or that unit — it’s just numbers and an insignia to them, whether you’ve got it tattooed on your forearm or not. And unless you’re dealing with someone very unrealistic, no one’s going to ask you to feel the same kind of bond with the guys at the office that you did with men and women you served alongside.

But you can still take advantage of the general perception that military men and women are ones with strong senses of personal loyalty. No one’s going to expect you to give that loyalty away for free — but they will want to earn it, because they know you’ll repay it back with real dedication.

You don’t actually have to do too much to take advantage of this one. It’s (hopefully) innate in you already, and most people are aware of it. And if they’re not, they’ll notice it soon enough.

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