13 Veteran Advantages | What Veterans Can Use To Get Ahead In The Civilian World

Veteran AdvantagesEvery single person has an advantage over those around him.

Veterans are of no exception.

In fact, call us biased at High Speed Low Drag but we truly believe that because of the many skills garnered in the military, veterans end up walking away with an upper edge over many civilians.

So why do many veterans fail? Why do veterans limit themselves?

This is partly because so many do not even realize that they have all of these advantages in the first place!

In an effort to break that cycle, we would like to present 13 very distinct advantages that veterans have.

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Keep on reading and learn more about what we’re talking about:

1. Leadership

Many may argue with this but to us there is no other place or situation in the world where so many young individuals are thrust in a position of leadership.

All of us have been witness to 22-year old lieutenants who have made decisions that have impacted world politics. There haven been 19-year old lance corporals who have led the charge that have produced the most positive of results.

Experiences in times of conflict or simply being in the military produce charismatic leaders that many others want to follow.

Simply put, military experiences of leadership simply do not compare to someone else saying that one of their greatest accomplishments is leading a team through an all-nighter.

The military experience easily comes off as the more impressive one, maybe even prompting potential employers and business partners to take a second look at one?s resume or credentials.

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2.? Responsibility

Being in the military comes with it great responsibility. For some servicemen, the responsibility has even been to protect the lives of civilians!

Because of the tremendous amount of responsibility thrust on the military, those who are part of it have learned to take it seriously. Military men know that not taking responsibilities seriously can lead to catastrophic consequences.

13271515845_9c49e28011_z3.? Team Mentality

Every single facet of the military- from being part of the team ops to the supply chain- involves being part of a team.?

If one did not learn how to work with a team to make things happen then the guys who really needed arms or supplies could go out without having what they needed which could spell disaster.

Having the right team mentality is extremely important in the job front.

More often than not, many jobs involve working with other people. If an employer finds an applicant with a great record of being a team player then this will convince him that this person has an edge compared to others.

4. Work Ethic

The tougher and rougher conditions in the military built fantastic work ethic, like it or not.

Men and women in the military are subjected to things such as 24-hour duty.

This kind of exposure makes the notion of intense work for others, not so intense for them.

While ordinary civilians may balk at taking a 24-hour shift simply because they are not used to it, a veteran will likely say yes.

Veterans know how to put in the time. Many have gone on 6-month deployments where they were basically put to work everyday. Its experiences like these that cultivate a solid work ethic. However, transitioning to civilian life can bring its own set of challenges, including unjust job loss. Proving your job loss was unjustified may require legal assistance and a thorough understanding of your rights as a veteran in the workforce.

5. Integrity?13271502955_d95f226bb8_z

Integrity comes with the job of being in the military.

If an officer deceives someone, he can get charged with conduct unbecoming of an officer. This guy can literally get booted out of the military and even worse, sent to jail!

Those that have made it through the military have already been pre-selected. We all wanted to serve a greater purpose and we all had integrity to begin with.

6. Accelerated Learning

It is not unusual for men and women in the military to get transferred every three months.

These transfers can sometimes demand someone who has been more or less armed with merely the basic skills to step up and learn something new right away.

Gentlemen who have just been transferred to new positions and assignments are fully expected to dive in and learn it right away so that in turn, they could teach it to others.

7. Respect for Procedure

Any naval aviator will be able to tell you what the NATOPS are. NATOPS are actually the procedure that one goes through when starting an aircraft, flying an aircraft and whenever an aircraft is going down.

It is said that NATOPS has been written in blood because everything that has ever been written in there ha been the result of an accident.

Military men and women understand the importance of going through checklists because it literally saves lives.

A quality like this stands out in job positions where following procedure is key.

8. Performance Under Pressure

When someone has gone through boot camp, any form of live fire exercise or actual combat then that person eventually learns to perform under pressure.

In the military failure to act or evne failure to act quickly enough can result in loss of life. This is why the skill to continue functioning no matter what happens is quickly ingrained and highly valued.

Veterans understand that there are SOPs and proper ways to do things and at the same time lives are on the line so doing things right matter!

Veteran Advantages9. Loyalty?

Military men and women stand by each other. We learn to be loyal because out there we have no one else to depend on except each other.

Every military man knows to never leave a man out there. This may not make very much sense from a logical standpoint but this does not matter in the military.

We are loyal to someone?s training and what each of us represents.

We believe that each one of us will come through for the other.

10.? Perspective

A number of civilians worry about their cars, their homes and many other things that are all very material in nature.

Military men and women have an innate understanding of what is important- and that is life, being able to spend time with those that you care about and being able to live a peaceful existence.

11. Selflessness

For the most part, military men and women are not out there to get credit. Most of us are ready, willing and able to work as a team and not care that more often than not, a single person will get the praise and the award.

When our mentors and leaders succeed and are recognized for it, we feel that that is enough of a reward for us.

12. Courage?Veteran Advantages

Courage is not being stupid or reckless. Military men go into situation knowing that someone has to stand up for what they believe in.

We know deep within us that we are that someone.

13. Camaraderie

This last advantage is the bond that servicemen build when they are serving. This bond goes on even after these guys leave the service.

The relationship and connection continues even after decades.

It is safe to say that veterans will always make time for other veterans. They will do each other favors and generally find ways and means to help each other out.

This is why all veterans should never be afraid to leverage their connection with other veterans.

This could be the key advantage that you hve over others that will make the most difference.

These are your 13 advantages. We?d love to hear your thoughts about them! Let us know if you know if any more or would like to refute something in the comments below.

Until next time!

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