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Adam Smith

A habit hacker and a health expert are not jobs that one sees or hears about everyday day but that?s exactly what Adam Smith is.

This guy is a proud habit hacker and health expert who assists people in changing their lives using focused daily actions.

For over two years now, Adam has impacted hundreds of lives by applying psychological principles in order to help his clients.

Below is High Speed Low Drag?s conversation with him.

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HSLD: Tell us a little bit about yourself and some background on your business and what you do?

Adam: I started out as a very shy kid. I was even known was the kid who couldn?t talk to anyone or the kid that does not talk.

I was always terrified of talking to anybody.

Thank God my mom, and both of my parents were so supportive and always told me that if I wanted to go ahead and change something, I could just go and change it.

I didn?t have to wait for anybody to go and change it.

Over time I started to read more and read books that were about overcoming shyness in public.

By the end of high school, I started dating a girl what I thought was the most attractive girl in the school. I had a crush on her all throughout middle school and high school and at the end of it, I was able to get with her because I felt good around people.

What I realized and what I think was important was the things I did everyday. Instead of being shy, I would actually just go up to someone and talk to them.

Even if I felt the fear, I would go and do it anyway.

In my role as an ACFL (Command Fitness Leader) in the military, I often encounter individuals who enter the service with diverse fitness habits that may not align with the military’s preferences. It’s crucial to guide and support them in adapting to our fitness standards. One valuable resource for staying updated on fitness guidelines is the ASFA (American Sports Fitness Association).

It?s my job to help sync their fitness lives with that of the military with routines and products that work for them, the Exhale wellness gummies have help a lot with this. I always tell people to never try and change everything at once.

We force you to do the exercises but it is still your job to eat right, take the correct vitamins and minerals. If you’re looking for a health supplement to aid in your weight loss journey, check out Ikaria lean belly juice reviews 2023 at Geeks Health.

It?s these things that you do everyday that really count in the end.

HSLD: What is your success quote?

Adam: Mine is from Tim Farris and it goes

The common sense rules of the real world are a fragile collection of socially reinforced illusions.

I love this quote because the more I?m diving in to become an entrepreneur, the more I?m changing my life, the more people ask ?Can you do that and is that possible??. I say yes! So I love this quote very much.

HSLD: Can you bring up an example in real life where people have just had these socially reinforced illusions that just aren?t reality?

Adam: Yeah. I?ve had people that weren?t very fit and just say to themselves everyday that I?m just not athletic. I have bad genes. But, your mind and body are so plastic.

Plasticity blasts through your whole life.

Your brain may slow down when you turn 25 and things may start to go downhill from there but it is a very steady and slow decline. Actually you become a much better learner when you age as learning is all about connections in the mind.

I always like to tell people things like this because people may say ?oh my memory is becoming worse?. Actually, you?re afraid that your memory is becoming worse so it is becoming worse.

If you think differently you can become better, you can become more fit, or anything that you want.

HSLD: Let?s go into your time in the military. Tell us a story of the most pivotal moment you?ve experienced in the military.

Adam: I had just finished boot camp and I had just finished my ATT which was pre A-school. I then went to A-school and they told us that if you got to the top of the class, you would be able to pick your orders and go in the world.

I told them I had a girlfriend and I want to go to Maryland with her. I worked my ass off for four months and got into the top of the class. My top of my list was Maryland and at the very bottom was Japan. What happened was that they sent me all the way to the other side of the world to Japan and it was a shocker!

It was crazy. I was depressed. My girlfriend broke up with me. I had no friends as I had just gotten there and couldn?t speak the language. I couldn?t connect with anybody and felt like I was so alone.

That moment was so pivotal for me because I said to myself that she wouldn?t have left me if I was a better person. I wouldn?t be so depressed if I just changed my outlook.

I poured myself into reading everything that could help me become a better person all-around and it really has impacted my life. I would not be where I am today if that did not happen and the two biggest lessons I learned from that were:

A. You can do everything right and something will still go wrong and you just have to accept it and

B. Even the bad things in life will turn out good if you just have the right mindset. If you?re not a victim, then those really ?bad? moments in your life will become the best ones.

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HSLD: Let?s talk about your transition out of the military. You had to transition out into the civilian world after going through a lot and having a lot of self-development. Take us to that transition out and share with us some failures that you faced and the lessons you learned.

Adam: I am still currently transitioning. I can foresee the challenges I will have.

I am currently visiting my uncle in Germany and I really just think I belong here in Munich.

I?m going to have to learn German, apply to schools here, live in a completely different culture.

Those are the obstacles I really see but I feel as well that you know what you?re going to get out of it so I think that its easy to prepare along the way.

Another one of the biggest challenges is getting my business stable enough to withstand my chaotic life while I am transitioning out.

I’m looking forward to it but I?m also a little nervous.

HSLD: You?re in the process of transitioning out and dealing with that whole array of difficulties and challenges. If you can step out of the box right now and look back to your time in the military and you can say something to the Adam Smith of yesteryear , what would you say to him?

Adam: You?re on the right track. Keep going.

Make sure you’re persistent and I would tell him to focus on the habits that you do everyday because it was not until I developed a work habit- not working from home and actually going to an Internet caf? and work in a little cubicle, optimized my sleep schedule and learned how to plan my days and nights before that I had my AHA moment.

If you keep on doing that, you’ll be ready to go much sooner than you think.

HSLD: So have you had your AHA moment for the direction you?re going to go in the civilian world?

Adam: I went to a meditation retreat a few months ago and that was the most difficult thing I have ever done.

It was ten days long, all vegetarian meals, you can’t talk to anyone from 4:30 in the morning to 2100 at night. You’re just meditating with a few breaks here and there.

I had to face myself and that was the most difficult thing I ever had to do.

When I came back from that I felt so determined and that nothing could stop me because I had so much control over myself.

Before I went on that retreat, I had just gotten back from a four-month deployment extremely angry because it had been such a difficult one.

The AHA moment for me was that I can control myself because after that the anger blinded me and I was not my normal self.

I knew that I needed to improve myself and going into this meditation retreat opened my eyes and has propelled me forward ever since.

HSLD: Going forward after having these AHA moments, what do you foresee doing and what do you recommend to other high speed elite members?

Adam: Read as much as possible.

Warren Buffet says,

The more you learn, the more you earn

I like to take lessons from people that are much, much more successful that me and whenever I started to read much more, that?s how I discovered the habit thing and that really worked for me.

Keep searching, keep looking and don?t stop. That?s my advice.

Adam?s Lighting Round Answers:

  • What was the most difficult adjustment that you had to make in the civilian world?: Going to school in a foreign country and learning the language.
  • What business advice would you pass along to those who are making the transition right now? If you don?t know what to do, start making a plan right now and keep looking at it everyday
  • What is one of your habits that you believe contribute to your success? I have a morning practice where I meditate and I read.
  • What is the one book that you would recommend to our listeners? Your Brain At Work by David Rock.
  • If you woke up tomorrow morning and it was the day after that you transitioned, and you had seven days in front of you, what would you do in those seven days? I would get on Clarity.FM and contact the most popular person I think I could connect with, schedule a clarity call with that person and start connecting with them.

Click here to listen to Adam Smith’s interview?on Stitcher

Click here to listen to Adam Smith’s interview?on iTunes?