Interview With Byron Chen Founder of |High Speed Low Drag Podcast

This post is based on the podcast Byron Chen Founder of Welcome to High Speed Low Drag, the podcast for veterans and soldiers transitioning into the civilian world. War veteran John Lee Dumas interviews other veterans who are crushing both business and life, revealing the path they took to achieve outstanding success. Veterans, are you prepared to ignite? John: … [Read more...]

How Veterans Can Find And Leverage Mentors: High Speed Low Drag Podcast

Mentorship. How important is it? Does having a mentor really make a difference? And if you?ve identified that you want and more importantly NEED a mentor how do you go about finding one? These are just a few of the most common questions that have been asked by some of our High Speed Elite members. Of course, we immediately realized that since the topic was a more common concern than we … [Read more...]

Thanks for Taking Our Survey

Thanks for submitting your answers. Please check your email for an email from; the email contains the results to the survey so you can see how hundreds of other service men and women have rated their Transition Assitance Programs. About We appreciate you taking the time to fill out our survey. We created this survey to get an idea of ho … [Read more...]

Search Engine Optimization Basics

SEO is an essential strategy for digital marketing because it allows you to build your online authority and grow your audience. In fact, you may want to check out this list of sites which capitalize on it. With that said, it's important that you understand what you're doing and understand the limitations of your SEO. If you know what you're doing and understand your limitations, you should be … [Read more...]

13 Advantages Vets Have In The Marketplace – Test YY

A lot of talk about veterans revolves around the challenges they face and the assistance they need. But what about the strengths veterans already possess? Here we're going to look at thirteen different strengths that every serviceman and servicewoman should be well equipped to bring to any business or industry they join: 1. Leadership Only a small percentage of veterans went through … [Read more...]

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