13 Veteran Advantages | What Veterans Can Use To Get Ahead In The Civilian World | Video Content

This post is based on the video -  13 Veteran Advantages: What Veterans Can Use To Get Ahead In The Civilian World Hi. I'm Antonio Centeno. I'm one of the founders of High Speed Low Drag along with John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire, and Tom Morkes of Insurgent Publishing. We've been putting together some great content that can help you make a kick butt transition from the military int … [Read more...]

The Number 1 Reason Veterans Fail | What You Can Do to Avoid The Path to Failure

A good number of veterans fail in life after signing out of the military and coming home. That is a sad yet undeniable fact. Why do you think this is? Is it the lack of money? The lack of time? The lack of skills? The truth may surprise you - because it is none of these reasons! The number one reason that veterans fail is because of their mindset. Veterans come out of the … [Read more...]

13 Veteran Advantages | What Veterans Can Use To Get Ahead In The Civilian World

Every single person has an advantage over those around him. Veterans are of no exception. In fact, call us biased at High Speed Low Drag but we truly believe that because of the many skills garnered in the military, veterans end up walking away with an upper edge over many civilians. So why do many veterans fail? Why do veterans limit themselves? This is partly because so many do not even … [Read more...]

Six Bad Military Habits | How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Habits And Change For The Better

Bad habits can be picked up from anywhere. Even in the military. As a guy who served in the military for a number of years, along with John Lee Dumas, the co-founder of High Speed Low Drag and a fellow veteran, we both can attest that serving in the military has left us with a fair share of bad habits, with some harder to get rid of than others. There are 6 bad habits that I feel I should … [Read more...]

The Perfect Business Card | What Veterans Should Take Note Of When Creating Their Business Card

Business cards can be unfamiliar territory for many guys just leaving the service. A lot of guys have never probably even owned a business card in their lives. Perhaps the closest thing many veterans will have to business cards are calling cards. In my opinion, calling cards are pretty darn smart! Calling cards in the military were originally used to introduce military men to new generals or … [Read more...]

7 Ways Veterans Can Become Better Negotiators

The military teaches many skills. However the reality is that negotiating is just not one of those skills. Many veterans get out of the military without learning anything about negotiating. Think about it? Did you ever have to negotiate for your salary in the military? Never. The lack of knowledge about negotiating in the civilian world can be problematic to many veterans. Negotiating … [Read more...]

Independent Living

According to experts, independent living is simply any housing arrangement designed exclusively for older adults. For example, some of the facilities in your home may be considered independent living, while others prefer traditional assisted living, since there are services like assisted living Tinton Falls, which help people in this area. Services like Fountain Square of Lompoc say that, if you … [Read more...]