Military Tribes – Connecting Veterans

millitary-tribes-imageSeth Godin, in his book “Tribes: We Need You To Lead Us” really gives that word a deeper more profound meaning.

It is especially profound because to us, the military is a tribe.

Veterans are also a tribe within ourselves.

We are a special group that is connected to a leader, connected to one another and connected to an idea.

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 The High Speed Low Drag Movement

If you really think about it, the High Speed Low Drag movement is a movement for and within the military tribe.

In so many ways, many veterans really have not taken advantage of this tribe that we have which is why our goal is to help bring the veteran tribe together.

High Speed Low Drag will hopefully allow veterans to network better and connect with each other as we aim towards that shared interest.

What A Tribe Can Do For You

A tribe is so powerful in the mere fact that it can provide guidance.

As individuals we are bound to make mistakes but a tribe is there to help you make less, or allow you to go on a little bit further before you make one.

A tribe’s past experience, advice and simple company can spell the difference between success and failure.

If there was someone to advise you on what to do based on how they’ve done it before, you’re less likely to make costly and painful mistakes and more likely to hit the mark the first time around.

There are so many successful people in the world that unfortunately many of us will not be able to meet. We don’t know them and they don’t know us or they’re simply too busy. This is one of the times when being part of a tribe can really make a difference.

A tribe allows each member to interact with its leaders.

So if you were part of the military tribe of High Speed Low Drag, you may get the opportunity to talk to a leader or someone that is already so successful in the field that you want to get into.

What The High Speed Low Drag Tribe Can Do For You

Unfortunately in the military world there hasn’t been anyone in recent years who has really stepped up to lead the military and veteran tribe. No one is leveraging this connection between people and using it for everyone’s gain.

The members of the veteran tribe did or may still do not have that point person or leader to go to or interact with.

This is where High Speed Low Drag can help.

Humbly speaking, as people who have had personal successes in their own businesses the founders of High Speed Low Drag have also had the opportunity to meet with and work with many other veterans who have also gone on to become successful in their field.

This is where they take the knowledge and tips gained from these people and in turn pass them along to some “High Speed” individuals who are looking for ways to better their lives.

Barriers in Tribes

Traditionally in native tribes, for a young man to leave childhood behind and really  become an adult and part of the tribe, he had to undergo a test or an initiation.

This guy had to get past a certain point and past certain barriers to really become a member.

Barriers To Get To High Speed Low Drag

And since the military is a tribe, the founders of High Speed Low Drag thought it was only right that it had certain barriers too.

For example, there will be some charges for some things found in High Speed Elite. This is because we want people who aren’t so serious and aren’t quite ready to change their lives to stay away.

The ones we want to attract are those who are committed, ready and willing to make that change NOW!

To do this, we are not making High Speed Elite Free. While High Speed Low Drag will continue to be, there will be a small fee to be paid.

high-speed-elite-veterans-ommunityWhat Makes High Speed Elite Unique

 There may be some of you who may still not find enough justification for the fee required to join High Speed Elite.

To address your concerns, here are just a few things that make High Speed Elite Unique

  • It’s going to be kept small- The founders of High Speed Elite and High Speed Low Drag are only three people.

And since this is just the beginning of this amazing venture, it was important to keep it small so that it is manageable and so that the founders really get to know the members and have the opportunity to interact with each and every one.

  • High Speed Elite is going to be exclusive- There are already groups out there that are centered around veterans and the military.

However, what needs to be noted is that besides that commonality, there isn’t really any other form of exclusivity in these groups. High Speed Elite will be different because not only do you have to be a veteran to join, but you have to be that veteran with the drive and passion for success.

  • The system that we have designed is going to make you push harder than you ever have before, but still under the guise of a friendly and supportive environment.

Why Should You Join High Speed Elite?

Since we’ve touched on elements that make High Speed Elite like no other, it would only be fitting to end this by giving you the reason why High Speed Elite is a group worth joining. Allow us to enumerate the value that you can get from this service!

  • Network- We’ve already touched quite a bit on the network aspect of High Speed Elite. To say it again- you are going to be connected directly to some amazing veteran entrepreneurs and personalities, all of which have achieved major success in their chosen fields.
  • The focus on two major tracks- High Speed Elite will focus on 2 main tracks. The first will be to assist veterans who want to get their dream job. The second track will be purely entrepreneurship. This will be for veterans who want to start their own business. Each member will have the privilege of choosing which track he wants to concentrate on.
  • Accountability- We require accountability from our members. We won’t just allow you to hand over the fee and then let you go doing whatever it is you want. We will follow up with you, guide you and help you so that you can get that goal that you want. We will be there every step of the way, making sure that you succeed.

To wrap this up, allow me to bring it back to tribes. The bottom line is that our tribe may not be something that you want to be part of. You may think that it doesn’t necessarily fulfill your needs.

If it doesn’t I still encourage you to find your tribe and join it! There are just so many things that you can get out of it that it will be a shame not to take advantage of that.

Until next time!

Click here to listen to the iTunes version  of Military Tribes: Connecting Veterans

Click here to listen to the Stitcher version of Military Tribes: Connecting Veterans