Interview With Dan Auito; Business, Marketing and Technology Master : High Speed Low Drag Podcast #6

600x600Business, marketing and technology are where Dan?s skills, talents and ability is focused.

He is responsible for starting up and running 6 businesses and have a couple more on the way.

Entrepreneurship really is the core of everything that Dan does.

HSLD: Besides the little background that we?ve give about you, could you tell us a little more about yourself?

Dan: I am an entrepreneur to the nth degree. I am always looking for the leading edge in innovation. I always like to see what people need and seeing how we can help in their marketing efforts including the use of backlinks online which you can find if you click here.

My last name in Italian literally means ?to help? so I?m always there to do that. It is what I?ve wanted to do. Entrepreneurship is number 1 on my plate all the time and that?s where everything leads to.

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HSLD: What is your personal success quote?

Passion, purpose and desire. Those are the fuels that will light your fire. Always follow your passion. As a military guy you will understand how a mission works and how you have to get it done.

You always have to pivot it and take whatever comes your way and find a solution for it. You have get around your obstacle to achieve your mission, back it up with your passion and the desire to get it done for whatever drives you.

That is what will keep you running and going even after military service.

HSLD: Let?s turn the journey to your military experience. Tell us about one of your most pivotal moments in the military. Tell us what lessons you learned.

Dan: As a combat engineer I spent what was basically thirteen weeks of hell in training in Missouri. That was a wakeup call that things were not going to be easy.

One of the things that stuck of me was when I was in the coast guard. I was out there with responsibility to look out into the horizon, to see if there was anything out there like obstacles or just basically anything. I saw a very very faint glint over the horizon and I was not even sure if I had really seen something.

A few miles down I saw the glint again so I decided to focus on it. I told the guys to hone on the spot and we finally got a little bit closer. It turns out the glint was three guys who were on a boat. They were lost at sea for three weeks and were basically surviving on whatever fish they could catch. They were pretty happy to see us.

The lesson I learned was this: when you have a responsibility you have to live up to it and take it seriously. Apply yourself and if things jump in your way pay attention to those things because they may be trying to tell you something. If you do your job correctly you may even be able to save some lives. You have to work to help other people live a better life.

HSLD: Share with us the lessons you learned upon transitioning out

Dan: A little bit of forward planning really goes a long way. When I was still in the army I had already gotten a couple of real estate licenses and was already selling property. I had already written a couple of books on real estate too so I had a few things working for me before I got out. It?s nice to plan your exit if you can.

When I retired in 2005 and came back here I sold a piece of land and walked away with $294,000. I continued with the success but then the market dropped out.

In 2006 there was hardly any real estate selling so I had to ask myself what I was going to do. Luckily I had always been an online maniac. I?d always loved to communicate and help people online so I picked up from there.

I started making connections and collaborations and I?m still doing that until today. I do events and try to get mentors to give back so that other people can use that leverage to move their lives forward faster.


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HSLD: ?Talk about your civilian life. Tell us what you AHA moment was.

Dan: There have not been any great light bulbs for me perse. For me it is a journey so I look at it all in one big picture other than when you?re out of the military you no longer have the camaraderie, the structure, the support and the regimen.

That all goes away so once you get out you really need to be focused on what you need to do next and you need to find that relatively quickly. If you meander for too long you tend to stay in that spot.

HSLD: What is the one lesson you?ve pulled out from this plethora of non-AHA moments that you?ve had

Dan: The lesson is really to find your passion.

Find what you love to do and find a way to make it pay. Of course this is easier said than done but all that you?re doing- the networking, the connecting is a way to find people in higher stations than yourself that can help you. Come underneath them as a mentee so you can assist them, learn from them and grow with them.

HSLD: What is one thing that you are really fired up about right now?

Dan: I have a new crop along the mentorship line with about 70 speakers. We are shooting for about 5,000 people at the Tampa Convention Center on November 3,4 and 5.

More information can be found on Its an undertaking of epic proportions and you never know what will go next! So be bold be brave and do what you want.

Dan?s Answers to the Lighting Round:

  • What was the most difficult adjustment you had to make to the civilian world? Losing all of your buds, your connections and your routines.
  • What business advice would you pass along to those making the transition right now? Prepare before you get out and create those bridges so you can jump right into networking and getting into your community. Get your foothold into the new territory as soon as possible.
  • What is one of your current habits that you believe contributes to your success? Having a really dedicated work ethic that is almost to compulsion. Really staying focused and always keeping those goals in the forefront of your mind.
  • What is the biggest generalization that you had to overcome in the civilian world? General networking is really not the best thing to do. It is better to be really selective with who you network with. If you get into the wrong circles you could meet people who are not there to help you but are there to confuse you.
  • What is one parting piece of guidance you can share with us? Also, what is the best way to find you. is the best place to find me. Parting advice is find your passion, get on that mission, back it up by desire and pursue it to its end. Get good people to go along with you and help you. Focus on your strengths and not on your weaknesses.

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