Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

** This post is dedicated to a dear friend and wonderful Business Strategist, Margaret L. Fisher, in honor of her dad, R. Wayne Jennings, who recently passed away. **
Being in the army can teach a man (or woman) many things.

One of the great military adages that successful veterans usually pick up is that of the 5Ps-

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Apparently the saying came from the British army and is a shortcut of the original 7Ps which mean Proper Planning and Preparation Prevent Piss Poor Performance.

Now this quote stands out to me because it was one of the quotes that Margaret told me about that really inspired me. Her dad was a big believer of this quote and tried to live by it in the different avenues of his life.


One of the things that Margaret mentions that she learned from her dad is to be frugal.

More than saving money, frugality is a sign of preparedness.

Spending within your means and putting a good portion of your money away means being prepared for the future.

For many veterans the future can be uncertain and one of the realities that immediately hit once they are in the civilian world is that there are responsibilities and bills to pay. Learning how to live frugally will ensure any veteran that they will have something stored away in case of a rainy day.


Margaretís dad also taught her the importance of education and while this doesnít seem as an obvious way to be prepared, I beg to differ.

Educating yourself is one of the best ways to prepare for any eventuality. If you back yourself up with a university degree you immediately increase your chances of landing a high paying job once you get out of the army.

Educating yourself by attending seminars, conferences or even listening to podcasts on fields and areas that you are interested in will arm you with some sort of knowledge and knowhow when you eventually step into that world.

Circumstances in life may take away your material possessions but they can never take away your education and what you know.

Disciplining Yourself

What does waking up early, making time for exercise and working hard to achieve goals have anything to do with preparation? Plenty if you ask me.

Discipline is one of the highest forms of preparation that each one of us can give ourselves.

When you put yourself at a state wherein you are creating good habits and conditioning your body to be in the best state possible then you are preparing yourself for any eventuality and creating an environment that is more conducive to success.

Also, following a regimen eliminates wasted time and allows you to get more done within that day.

Margaret Fisher

R. Wayne Jennings, Margaret’s Dad

Final Thoughts

In my opinion anyone of us veteran or not, have nothing to lose and everything to gain by following this simple adage- Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

So why not do it?

I want to close this post by saying a huge thank you to the inspiration, Margaret L Fisher and her amazing father. Margaret has actually written a beautiful piece about him which you can click here to see Margaret’s own tribute to her father.

Till the next time!