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This post is a conversation between Antonio, Tom, and Jennifer of Jennifer’s mission is to inspire you to be yourself with no restraint.

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How were you doing before High Speed Elite with your business ideas and where are you at now since joining?

Jennifer: Before I started, I was in another program and I had spent $6500 on that program.

There was really no one-on-one time with that coach and I felt like she would always rush things and cut you off, and it wasn’t like that in our calls.

After a while, just trying to go through the modules that she will release every week and stuff, it was just a lot of mindset, mindset, mindset.

There was no other action to it. If you got overwhelmed with something or you had a certain question, she wouldn’t get back to you in a timely manner, so you’re just sitting there flailing about, and then she had you to do required readings and stuff like that.

With High Speed Elite, you guys would suggest books to read and stuff like that, but you weren’t like you have to buy it to be a part of this course and to keep up with everybody else.

And even if you fell behind on the modules, even if you fall behind, take your time on it.

Don’t rush through it because if you rush through it, you’re not really going to have quality material to look at.

And so, I was dead set on just coaching with the other program, but now going through High Speed Elite, I’ve had various other ideas like the one about gaming addiction. There’s the whole coaching part as well.

And talking with Mike Mills and the group, it’s brought on a lot of other things as well. We’ve talked about collaborating for our podcasts and things like that, but we’re talking about timing for that as well.

The support is definitely there for this group. I definitely have a better sense of direction and if I get overwhelmed, I know I can go back and revisit the module if I change my mind on something like the modules are still there for me to go through again.

And if I do have questions, we have a Facebook group and it’s not just you guys that respond. The people in the group respond as well.

It’s a perspective that I don’t really think about. In my other group, I would send out a post and you would see 36 people viewed it, but you don’t really get a response.

What do you think of the highlights of High Speed Elite? What did it do uniquely well compared to the other program you?ve been in?

High Speed Elite

Jennifer: Uniquely well, the hot seats that really put you on the spot and made you think.

My biggest thing is that I’m a very deliberative person and I could spend hours, I could spend days doing research and figuring out whether or not I want to jump with both feet in or if I want to put it off.

That’s just my personality, but being on the hot seat, it just made me think on the spot and those thoughts actually were pretty clear.

The feedback from the group was like, “Oh, that’s a good idea. You should pursue it” or “I’ll support you in that.”

So definitely the hot seat was one of the biggest things that I liked, and in regard to the one-on-ones, being able to schedule calls and everything as well.

Another thing that you guys did was that you also did a monthly payment plan for me because I was financially stressed at that time and you guys didn’t want me to miss out just because I couldn’t pay for it, so that’s definitely another thing.

What are your big takeaways from the course?

Jennifer: It was concise. All the modules were very straight to the point, made you think about the business world even if you never really had dabbled in it or anything.

It’s not throwing so much at you that you get overwhelmed. You guys broke it up in a decent chunk.

You had every module and then within every module, you had certain sections and everything was important. It wasn’t just an information dump.

And then the fact that you guys would also review it with us and if we had any questions, you would answer it for us, definitely clarifying.

The other group, there’s not much clarity in that. If anything, you’re swimming in riff raff and woo-woo information and you’re just like, “I don’t know what to do.” You’re flailing about essentially.

So before, I really didn’t have a sense of direction. I would research.

Like I said, I could do research for days and days and I would be like okay, let me go buy this book. Let me read it. Let me take notes. Let me think about it or whatever, but with the weekly calls we had and the hot seat and the information, it puts you into the next step.

And even if you’re not on the same level as everybody else, you’re still able to move forward at your own pace because everyone does things differently and then whatever goes on in life, so that definitely was a benefit of being in High Speed Elite.

Tom: Awesome, very cool.

Antonio: Well, I feel very proud that all that information — I remember building all of that. I’m like, yeah, good to hear that that stuff is useful. Thank you. I really appreciate that you — I like hearing the comparison because it makes me feel that this has been something.

What were the challenges you experienced when you joined the course, but back then, you have yet to come up with a business idea?

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Jennifer: It was a little bit hard for me in the last six months. Actually, about a year ago is when I started doing personal development, really looking into myself and my personality and understanding who I am and not letting external influences get to me and say, “This is how you should be,” being defined by society, so really coming out as my own person and having various coaches whether it’d be in person, whether it’d be online, just friends.

Over the course of the last year, your mentors really do make a difference because every bit of information, there’s a cost to it. Is that a benefit or is that actually a cost or is that going to cost you something in the future? A lot of people would pretty much spit information at you and say this is what you should do, but High Speed Elite put the logic behind it.

If you did this, these could be the results, A, B, and C. It’s up to you whether or not you want to make that decision, but this is something that I see that could potentially work for you. You try it. If it doesn’t work, you can try something else or you can refine it. You can post it to the group and say, “Hey, check this out. I need feedback on it.”

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Where are you going from here going forward? ?How is your business positioned right now and what are you looking to do over the next months and in the coming year?

Jennifer: I have been working on a website. Like I said, I was bootstrapping a website and I ditched about half of it because I’m trying to simplify it now because the more complex it is, the more I’m just going to be irritated with it. So I’ve cut it down to having an About page that gives a little bit of background of what I do, why I do what I do so then people will understand my “why”.


The blog is just going to be informative pieces. It may be answers to people’s questions, so kind of like Q&A sessions in a blog. And then I have a Contact section and a Services section.

I think the biggest thing right now besides the website is coming up with the services because a few topics that I’ve been rolling around is the health and wellness, not just the physical, but the mental as well, and then the whole gaming addiction.

One of the biggest things that I see myself is I always gravitate back towards the gamer community. I watched a friend stream today and I actually inspired him to do a workout while he was playing because I was like, “Well, I have to go to the gym.

I have to dip out,” and he’s like, “Well, now I feel bad.” I was like, “Okay. Well, for every kill that you get, you have to do five push-ups. For every death that you get, you have to do 15 jumping jacks.”

This was a game that we came up with I think back in 2012, but just because the group separated, we no longer did that. I did that on my own time, but I think that’s something that I would bring to the gamer community if that is the focus, as there many popular game sites such as yabby casino where you can find gambling games online. You can also consider visiting Casino Zeus for a wider variety of gambling games.

I think the biggest thing for me was also trying to niche down to see who I would serve. I really do like the gamer community, but I also really do like the veteran community. Anybody outside of that is more of “I don’t know if I want to deal with you.”

Tom: Awesome. Antonio, do you have any other questions? Otherwise, I probably have one more that I want to close it out with.

Antonio: No. I think we’re good. Jennifer, you’re busy. You’ve made it through much of the program. We’re still going to continue to go forward, but it’s just great to learn a little bit more about that. Actually, I would like to hear one more about — you did a great job staying in touch with Mike.

Can you talk about anyone else in the group that you’ve learned from and that you’ve built a relationship with?

Jennifer: My best relationship is probably with Mike. I definitely helped him with clarity and getting his mind straight because he would come to me and he would talk to me about certain things.

He’s actually working with Adam right now, I believe, and he sends me his notes between him and Adam. And so, I explain to him why his results may be that way from my perspective.

Mike says it’s been beneficial for him to talk to me because he gains clarity and whatever. He gets so overwhelmed and he has all these things to do. He just comes to talk to me about it and I help him prioritize that.


That’s what happened before I left for California over the New Year and he was just like, “I have this to do for Antonio. I have this to do for Tom.”

He had a list of five things and I just asked him. I was like, “What’s the first most important thing that you need to get rid of right now that is due immediately?” and then eventually getting through it. He’s like, “I would’ve never been able to do this without you.”

So giving him clarity and helping him focus and helping him know why he thinks the way that he thinks, it’s definitely helped him. Playing casino games definitely helped too, see for more info.

I think the second best person that I built a bit of a relationship with would be Bryan Skene. We talked a few times and we chat back and forth on Facebook and will ask how each other’s business is going and everything.

And then after that, I know I had a conversation with Dave Berlin and Zach Bob once, but other than that, I would say I probably had the best relationship with Mike out of the whole group.

But definitely when I have time and I go into our page and everything, if someone needs help or something and I’m able to give in my two cents that’ll be worth a damn, I give it.

Antonio: It sounds good. Thank you.

Tom: Awesome. I appreciate it, Jennifer. I think that’s it, Antonio. Did you have anything else?

Antonio: No, no, I’m good. I thought you had a question?

Tom: Oh yeah.

What piece of advice do you have for a veteran who is making the transition into business or entrepreneurship?


Jennifer: Do not be afraid to start over. Just because your military career has ended — like for me, I’m still in, so that doesn’t really apply to me, but I see this with a lot of veterans where they get out and they’re just like — you have the mentality. Take a break once in a while and don’t forget to smoke your favorite Ice Cream Cookies Strain from Fresh Bros.

It doesn’t matter what age you are, but essentially you’re starting over. I started experiencing a few feelings like that every time it’s come up to me extending my contract or whatever. It’s like, am I ready to separate? No. Do I need this right now?

You question yourself, but I think the biggest thing is that when veterans get out there like “I have no game plan” or when it comes to getting back into the corporate world or whatever, they’re like, “I am the shit.

You need to hire me,” that’s not the mentality you have. Essentially, you have all your medals and your deployments and everything, but most corporations will not really look at that unless they’re veteran friendly.

Another thing is like I said, a lot of veterans I see are afraid to start over because they’re like, “Well, I was doing this for the last X amount of years in my life. I don’t really know where to start over. I’m afraid.

I just want to go back to my old habits.” You have those who have certain conditions like PTSD, depression, whatever it may be that affect some as well.

So the biggest thing is don’t be afraid to start over. Just imagine like you were when you were 17. You had no idea what the heck you were getting into and you plunged both feet in and look at you now.

That’s a whole chapter of your life, but now you need to start the next chapter and phase yourself back into the civilian life, but you need to also know that nothing is given to you and you have to work for it.

So if you’re going to be an entrepreneur, you have to work hard. It’s not just going to be given to you. It’s not a money scheme where it’s like hey, you do this and you’re going to get a million dollars overnight.

Some people have that luck or their project is that good that they get that, but most of the rest of us, we have to work. We have to learn to love the grind to get to where we want to be and a lot of them are just lost because they don’t know what to do.

I think the biggest thing with High Speed Elite is that you’ll get that clarity with each module that you go through, and then having the support of the group, having the support of the mentors, the leaders of the group, it really does help you find your way so you have a better sense of direction of your business.

Like I said, it doesn’t matter if you’re ahead of someone or behind someone in terms of your business. As long as you are still working towards it at your own pace, you’re going to get there. It’s not a comparison game.

There’s always going to be somebody who’s better at it than you. There’s always going to be somebody who’s worse at it than you. You just got to be content with competing with yourself and not with other people. For many veterans, their service has resulted in PTSD, fear, and anxiety that can cause them to not perform at their best as an entrepreneur. Talking with experts like Oceanic Counseling Group in Columbia, SC can also help reduce this anxiety and improve one’s mood.

There is a competition of the market, the external competition, but at the same time, you need to have that competition within yourself and not only that, you need to understand your own mental processes because if you don’t, your ego is going to chew you and spit you back out and make you eat shit frankly.

Tom: Love it! All right. Well, I think that’s it. I love it. I appreciate the enthusiasm. Thank you so much for being a part of High Speed Elite, Jen. I just want to say this is the start of things.

We’re going to continue to do monthly calls and we’ll definitely be in touch. Of course, if you ever need anything, just reach out to Antonio or I and we’re definitely happy to hop on a one-on-one call or anything like that that you need, so just keep us posted, okay?

Jennifer: All right, will do. Thank you both.

Antonio: You’re welcome, Jennifer.

Tom: Thanks so much.

Antonio: Take care.

Tom: Take care.

Jennifer: You too.

This post is a conversation between Antonio, Tom, and Jennifer of Jennifer’s mission is to inspire you to be yourself with no restraint.