Three Steps Veterans Can Take If They Don’t Know What To Do

soldier walkingAre you an expert at everything? We didn?t think so. Neither are we. This is why it is only normal and natural to have those moments when you have no idea what to do.

The main question that needs to be asked is this:

What do you do if you dont know what to do?

This will be today?s discussion as every veteran out there may have experienced moments of helplessness at not knowing what to do. Todays podcast will give you veterans out there three steps to take if you dont know what to do.

What are those three steps? Read on to find out.

Let us start by saying this. In moments when you dont know what to do it can be so tempting to just sit back and not make a decision at all. However this is definitely not what you want to do!

Take note that note making a decision is actually making one. Inaction is a choice and this is something that can hurt where youre going and you may even end up somewhere that you did not want or expect to be.

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If you dont know what to do, why not do these three things instead:

soldier jumping1.Take directive action

Dont ever think that sitting back is the right thing to do. Taking directive action is important because even if it wont yield a significant effect it is going to make you feel like you are at least doing something.

Research from Hurricane Katrina shows that out of everyone who was affected, the people who felt better about the whole ordeal were the same ones who were volunteering, contributing and actually doing something.

Doing something no matter how small it may be has the greatest impact on your mindset. Not only that it also sets you up to doing bigger steps later on.

  1. 2. Identify a successful person and find a place where you can add value

If you?re still stuck on not knowing what to do you can always try to find a successful person in your chosen field and finding out what you can to add value to THEIR life or their business.

There are so many successful people out there who are still not doing everything perfectly for various reasons. These individuals may be looking for someone to come in and assist them.

If you can help this person out he may be willing to answer your questions or give you tips. More important than that, the time that you spend with this person should be able to teach you invaluable lessons and allow you to gain amazing learning experiences.

In a best case scenario you may even walk away from this experience with a great recommendation or reference letter or better yet a job offer from the very same company.

Soldier with electronics3. Build a valuable skill

The third thing that you can do ties in very closely with the second thing.

Once you get the opportunity to work with a successful individual, try to see if you can build a valuable skill under their tutelage.

This valuable skill could be anything- learning how to make people open their pockets and buy whatever it is you are selling, learning how to give information, learning how to go about creating amazing sales pitches and marketing plans. The possibilities are endless!

Instead of wasting your time doing nothing while you dont know what to do you can instead make value out of your time by learning something new and something you will be able to use later on. Hire an ecommerce agency in Thailand to help you improve your marketing strategies.

There is really no excuse to sit around and do nothing the next time you dont know what to do. Every single one of us can be proactive from the smallest words.

Take this advice to heart and use it to your best advantage veterans!

Until next time!