Pink Slips And Military Downsizing: How to Prepare In Case You Get The Boot

The recent news tell of downsizing in the army. Even if it is just the army (for now), we feel that this is a topic worth discussing. As everything is starting to wind down it is only natural that downsizing happens in the military. Pink Slips are being given to thousands of military soldiers who have just served from Afghanistan. This will mean that there will be about 70,000 men and … [Read more...]

7 Myths People Have About Veterans And What To Do About Them

There are all sorts of myths and false beliefs that persist about every single group, tribe and organizations out there. The military is no different. A huge majority of the population seem to believe certain things about the military and following that about veterans. Now these myths can have both positive and negative effects but what should veterans do when the latter … [Read more...]

Founder Story – John Lee Dumas : High Speed Low Drag Podcast #2

Today’s interview features a very special guest. He is no other than one of the founders of High Speed Low Drag himself, John Lee Dumas. John is the founder and host of Entrepreneur on Fire which was awardedThe Best of ITunes 2013. John interviews today’s most successful and inspiring entrepreneurs seven days a week. He has been featured in Forbes and Time Magazine. He … [Read more...]

An Introduction to High Speed Low Drag

  A lot of you who may be new readers may not have any idea what High Speed Low Drag is all about and what it entails. This is why we wanted to kick off these podcasts interviews with some sort of proper introduction. High Speed Low Drag is actually a weekly podcast that will feature veterans who have successfully transitioned into the civilian world. We’ll dive into more of tha … [Read more...]