Interview with Ron Fugle | Founder of Fire and Adjust | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

This post is a conversation between John Lee Dumas, founder of High Speed Low Drag, and Ron Fugle, founder of Fire and Adjust. Welcome to High Speed Low Drag, the podcast for veterans and soldiers transitioning into the civilian world. War veteran John Lee Dumas interviews other veterans who are crushing both business and life, revealing the path they took to achieve outstanding success. … [Read more...]

Military Tribes – Connecting Veterans | High Speed Low Drag Podcast Content

Tom: Hey, High Speed Nation. Tom Morkes is here, and I am so excited you're joining us on the first episode of High Speed Low Drag Podcast. We want to welcome you to another episode. Antonio, how is it going? Antonio: It's cool and great, Tom. I think, today, it's funny, we just shot a podcast a little bit earlier and we went off on a tangent for a while about tribes with a gentleman that you … [Read more...]