Kevin McDugle, Author of Inside The Mind of a Marine Drill Instructor | High Speed Low Drag Podcast 64

Kevin McDugle is a former Marine Drill Instructor. After leaving the marines, he authored the book "Inside The Mind of a Marine Drill Instructor". He is also an entrepreneur who owns lawyer marketing services and Expect Three Marketing. He is also the director of Soldiers Wish. Kevin is also a platinum member of the Tony Robin?s team and a John Maxwell certified speaker and trainer. HSLD: Besides … [Read more...]

Interview with Ted Fienning | Co-Founder of Babiators | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

Welcome to High Speed Low Drag, the podcast for veterans and soldiers transitioning into the civilian world. War veteran John Lee Dumas interviews other veterans who are crushing both business and life, revealing the path they took to achieve outstanding success. Veterans, are you prepared to ignite? John:    Veterans, are you interested in owning your own business? Join me, Antonio Centeno … [Read more...]

When Should Veterans Outsource The Tech Side Of Their Business | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

It’s question time again! This podcast is dedicated to some questions asked by some High Speed Elite members- specifically about outsourcing and tech. One of High Speed Elite’s members is currently having some tech issues. Here’s what she has to say: “One of my biggest questions is what do I need to do or should I do about having someone run my site. Here’s why I ask- I have other th … [Read more...]

Matt Miller | Owner of School Spirit Vending | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

Matt Miller graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in 1989 and was an Air Force pilot for 9 years. Post military, Matt worked in both medical and advertising fields before venturing out on his own in 2011 to grow his school fundraising company, School Spirit Vending. Today, Matt and his team provide passive fund-raising for over 1500 schools in over 23 states. HSLD: Besides … [Read more...]

Joe Crane | Airline Pilot and Host of Veteran On The Move Podcast | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

Lieutenant Colonel Joe Crane retired from the Marine Corps in 2013 after 24 years of service. He was an AH-1W Super Cobra Attack helicopter pilot and completed 2 combat missions to Iraq. Joe is now an airline pilot and host of the Veteran on the Move Podcast: Your Pathfinder to Freedom. It aims to provide knowledge and inspiration to veterans aspiring to transition to the exciting world of … [Read more...]