What to Do Before You Create Your Vet Business Entity | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

Welcome to High Speed Low Drag, the podcast for veterans and soldiers transitioning into the civilian world. War veteran John Lee Dumas interviews other veterans who are crushing both business and life, revealing the path they took to achieve outstanding success. Veterans, are you prepared to ignite? John: Veterans, are you interested in owning your own business? Join me, Antonio Centeno and Tom … [Read more...]

Military Tribes – Connecting Veterans | High Speed Low Drag Podcast Content

Tom: Hey, High Speed Nation. Tom Morkes is here, and I am so excited you're joining us on the first episode of High Speed Low Drag Podcast. We want to welcome you to another episode. Antonio, how is it going? Antonio: It's cool and great, Tom. I think, today, it's funny, we just shot a podcast a little bit earlier and we went off on a tangent for a while about tribes with a gentleman that you … [Read more...]

Robert Longley | Creator Of The First Online Cruise Travel Agency | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

High Speed Nation, John Lee Dumas here, and I am fired up to bring you our feature guest today, Robert Longley. Robert, are you prepared to ignite? Robert: I'm always prepared to ignite. John: Yes! Robert spent eight year as an Air Force intelligent officer. He has since gone out to start the first online cruise travel agency and other entrepreneurial initiatives. He has spent most of his … [Read more...]

The 2 Most Effective Ways That Veterans Can Market Themselves In The Civilian World: High Speed Low Drag Podcast

Snipers And Shotguns Now those two words would not necessarily be connected to marketing oneself, but here in HSLD, we know that these are two words that many if not most of our military peers can relate to. Besides being weapons and artillery, snipers and shotguns are an excellent way to describe what you really want to be and do in life. Click here to listen to the 2 Most Effective Ways … [Read more...]

Military Tribes – Connecting Veterans

Seth Godin, in his book “Tribes: We Need You To Lead Us” really gives that word a deeper more profound meaning. It is especially profound because to us, the military is a tribe. Veterans are also a tribe within ourselves. We are a special group that is connected to a leader, connected to one another and connected to an idea. Click here to listen to the iTunes version  of Milit … [Read more...]