How To Finance Your Veteran Owned Business | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

A valid concern for the many who dream of starting their own businesses is the financing. Veterans who have just gotten out find that they need to watch every single penny. A few have some money saved up but donít know what to do with it next. When it comes to financing- Where does one even start?! Click here to listen to†How To Finance Your Veteran Owned Business … [Read more...]

Interview With Tony Mendoza | Producer and Filmmaker | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

High Speed Low Dragís guest for today is no other than Tony Mendoza. Tony is an active duty member of the Nevada Army National Guard. He is also a digital content producer in Las Vegas who shot his first feature film after returning from Afghanistan in 2010. Tonyís goal is to teach film production full time after retiring from the service. With that introduction out of the way, letís le … [Read more...]

How To Name Your Veteran Owned Business (And What To Avoid) | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

Whatís in a name? Shakespeare said it and now we are too! If youíre a veteran, do you have an idea as to what should go into a good business name for a business that may potentially be geared towards other veterans? Obviously this†podcast is dedicated to the topic of naming your business. How should YOU approach that topic? Names Donít Matter If we were to ask Seth Godin, he w … [Read more...]

Michael Molinski | USMC Photographer and Graphic Designer | HSLD Podcast

Michael Molinski worked as a photographer and graphic designer for United States Marine Corps out of high school. After his service he moved home to settle down and build his portfolio. In 2009 Michael used his wedding gift money to open a full time studio.† He also started a blog called Since then business has been booming!   HSLD: Besides the little backgroun … [Read more...]

Carl Churchill Co-Founder and Chief Coffee Officer of Lock N Load Java | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

Carl Churchill is Co-Founder and Chief Coffee Officer of Lock N Load Java. The company is a retailer of premium coffee to consumers. They deliver coffee with free shipping options directly to your front door and every bag bought sends a cup of coffee to a deployed service member. HSLD: Besides the little background that weíve given about you, could you tell us a little more abou … [Read more...]

7 Ways Veterans Can Become Better Negotiators

The military teaches many skills. However the reality is that negotiating is just not one of those skills. Many veterans get out of the military without learning anything about negotiating. Think about it? Did you ever have to negotiate for your salary in the military? Never. The lack of knowledge about negotiating in the civilian world can be problematic to many veterans. Negotiating … [Read more...]

Adam Smith, Habit Hacker and Health Expert – High Speed Low Drag Podcast

A habit hacker and a health expert are not jobs that one sees or hears about everyday day but thatís exactly what Adam Smith is. This guy is a proud habit hacker and health expert who assists people in changing their lives using focused daily actions. For over two years now, Adam has impacted hundreds of lives by applying psychological principles in order to help his clients. Below i … [Read more...]

The 2 Most Effective Ways That Veterans Can Market Themselves In The Civilian World: High Speed Low Drag Podcast

Snipers And Shotguns Now those two words would not necessarily be connected to marketing oneself, but here in HSLD, we know that these are two words that many if not most of our military peers can relate to. Besides being weapons and artillery, snipers and shotguns are an excellent way to describe what you really want to be and do in life. Click here to listen to the 2 Most Effective Ways … [Read more...]

Charlie Gilkey, Founder of Productive Flourishing and Author of The Small Business Lifecycle : High Speed Low Drag Podcast 7:

Charlie Gilkey is the Founder of Productive Flourishing and Author of The Small Business Life Cycle, a best selling book on small business planning. His speeches, classes and planning systems and body of work helps change makers start finishing the stuff that matters. Charlie lives with his wife Angela in Portland, Oregon. HSLD: Besides the little background that weíve give about you … [Read more...]

Gavin McCulley, Angel Investor and Founder of Twin River Holdings : High Speed Low Drag Podcast

Gavin McCulley is a former army logistics officer who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Gavin left the service in late 2008 to become an entrepreneur only to find himself in a tumultuous economy. In search of capital for his own business, he learned first hand the game of Angel investing. Over the last 6 years, founded his own Angel investing partnership which is one of the nationí … [Read more...]