Adam Smith | Habit Hacker and Health Expert

This post is based on High Speed Low Drag Podcast with Adam Smith. High Speed Nation. John Lee Dumas here and I am fired up to bring you our feature guest today, Adam Smith. Adam, are you prepared to ignite? Adam: Let's burn this place down. John: Yes. Adam is a habit hacker and health expert who assists people in changing their lives using focused daily actions. For over two years applying … [Read more...]

High Speed Low Drag Podcast Transcript | Four Things Veterans Need To Do To Build A Business

Tom: Hey, everyone. Tom Morkes here with Antonio Centeno from the High Speed Low Drag podcast. We wanted to welcome you back to another episode. Today we want to focus primarily on some questions that we’ve gotten from a recent live event that John, Antonio, and I presented just last week and we’ll be doing another one this week. But it’s questions that we got from the audience after presenting on … [Read more...]