Some Habits Should Never Die | A Guest Post From Grace Conyers | Owner of Insanitek Research and Development

This is a guest post from Grace Conyers.  She is an independent environmental researcher and owner of Insanitek Research and Development startup firm. Her passions are studying landscape changes, heavy metals in soil, and helping other independent researchers find their path. You can find out more about creating alternative paths on Insanitek. I'm wide awake, but it's still dark beyond m … [Read more...]

Military Tribes – Connecting Veterans

Seth Godin, in his book “Tribes: We Need You To Lead Us” really gives that word a deeper more profound meaning. It is especially profound because to us, the military is a tribe. Veterans are also a tribe within ourselves. We are a special group that is connected to a leader, connected to one another and connected to an idea. Click here to listen to the iTunes version  of Milit … [Read more...]