Founder Story | Tom Morkes Shares His Veteran Story| High Speed Low Drag Podcast #4 Content

High Speed Nation. John Lee Dumas here, and I am fired up to bring you our featured guest today, Tom Morkes. Tom, are you prepared to ignite? Tom: I am, John. Let's do it. John: Yes. Tom is a West Point grad, Iraq war veteran. He even got paid to jump out of helicopters for a while. Since leaving the Army, Tom has written and published three books, started his own publishing company, … [Read more...]

How Veterans Can Build And Lead A Tribe | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

Author Seth Godin in his book defines a Tribe as a a group of people connected through a common interest and have the ability to communicate. All veterans are already part of a tribe the military and their branch of service, but the question is: How do we leverage the power of the tribe in the civilian world? Read on to find out. Questions are always coming in from members of the High … [Read more...]

Military Tribes – Connecting Veterans

Seth Godin, in his book “Tribes: We Need You To Lead Us” really gives that word a deeper more profound meaning. It is especially profound because to us, the military is a tribe. Veterans are also a tribe within ourselves. We are a special group that is connected to a leader, connected to one another and connected to an idea. Click here to listen to the iTunes version  of Milit … [Read more...]