Founder Story – Tom Morkes : High Speed Low Drag Podcast #4

After we did the first two interviews of High Speed Low Drag’s first two founders, we thought it was only fitting to round it up with its third. HSLD’s third founder is Tom Morkes. Below is his story from his time to the military up to his experiences as a civilian. Read up because we’re pretty sure you’re bound to pick up a couple of life lessons from what he has to say too! … [Read more...]

An Introduction to High Speed Low Drag

  A lot of you who may be new readers may not have any idea what High Speed Low Drag is all about and what it entails. This is why we wanted to kick off these podcasts interviews with some sort of proper introduction. High Speed Low Drag is actually a weekly podcast that will feature veterans who have successfully transitioned into the civilian world. We’ll dive into more of tha … [Read more...]

21 Wildly Successful Vets Living Amazing Lives On Their Own Terms

21 Wildly Successful Vets Living Amazing Lives On Their Own Terms      Grab 1st??? We Have Personal Connection To These Guys....... Jake Hariman (Marine Officer - I served with him) - Nuru International Dre Armeda (Navy Enlisted) & Tony Perez (Marine Corps Enlisted) - Website Security - Sucuri Paul Szoldra - (Navy Enlisted - Met him at NMX in Vegas) - The Duff … [Read more...]