Lee Cockerell | Author of 3 Books on Leadership | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

Lee was the executive vice president of operation for Walt Disney parks and resorts from 1997 until his retirement in 2006. Prior to being vice president to Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, he worked for Hilton and Mariott International. Lee is also the author of three books- Time Management Magic, The Customer Rules and Creating Magic: 10 Common Leadership Strategies From a Life At … [Read more...]

Interview With Tony Mendoza | Producer and Filmmaker | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

Welcome to High Speed Low Drag, the podcast for veterans and soldiers transitioning into the civilian world. War veteran John Lee Dumas interviews other veterans who are crushing both business and life, revealing the path they took to achieve outstanding success. Veterans, are you prepared to ignite? John: Veterans, are you interested in owning your own business? Join me, Antonio Centeno and … [Read more...]

Lee Warren | Author of No Place To Hide | High Speed Low Drag Podcast 41

Lee Warren M.D. is the author of No Place To Hide: A Brain Surgeon’s Long Journey Home from the Iraq War. He is also a brain surgeon, inventor and Iraq war veteran. Lee helps us become healthier, feel better and be happier in our lives, relationships and our businesses at www.wleewarrenmd.com. HSLD: Besides the little background that we’ve give about you, could you tell us a little more abo … [Read more...]

The Number 1 Reason Veterans Fail | What You Can Do to Avoid The Path to Failure

A good number of veterans fail in life after signing out of the military and coming home. That is a sad yet undeniable fact. Why do you think this is? Is it the lack of money? The lack of time? The lack of skills? The truth may surprise you - because it is none of these reasons! The number one reason that veterans fail is because of their mindset. Veterans come out of the … [Read more...]