Pink Slips And Military Downsizing | How to Prepare In Case You Get The Boot | Podcast Content

This post is based on the podcast - Pink Slips And Military Downsizing | How to Prepare In Case You Get The Boot. Tom: Hey, High Speed Nation, this is Tom Morkes here with Antonio Centeno of High Speed Low Drag. We want to welcome you back to another episode of the High Speed Low Drag podcast. How's it going, Antonio? Antonio: It's going great, Tom. I'm excited about today's topic because we … [Read more...]

How Veterans Can Leverage Their Unfair Advantage In The Business World | High Speed Low Drag Podcast 19 Transcript

Tom: Hey, everyone. Tom Morkes is here alongside Antonio Centeno and we want to welcome you back to another episode of the High Speed Low Drag podcast. Antonio, how's it going? Antonio: It's cool and great, Tom. How are you? Tom: I'm doing good. It's a good morning and I'm excited to be here and talk to you a little bit about today's subject, which we're going to be digging in based on some … [Read more...]

The Number 1 Reason Veterans Fail | What You Can Do to Avoid The Path to Failure

A good number of veterans fail in life after signing out of the military and coming home. That is a sad yet undeniable fact. Why do you think this is? Is it the lack of money? The lack of time? The lack of skills? The truth may surprise you - because it is none of these reasons! The number one reason that veterans fail is because of their mindset. Veterans come out of the … [Read more...]

The Perfect Business Card | What Veterans Should Take Note Of When Creating Their Business Card

Business cards can be unfamiliar territory for many guys just leaving the service. A lot of guys have never probably even owned a business card in their lives. Perhaps the closest thing many veterans will have to business cards are calling cards. In my opinion calling cards are pretty darn smart! Calling cards in the military were originally used to introduce military men to new generals or … [Read more...]

Pink Slips And Military Downsizing: How to Prepare In Case You Get The Boot

The recent news tell of downsizing in the army. Even if it is just the army (for now), we feel that this is a topic worth discussing. As everything is starting to wind down it is only natural that downsizing happens in the military. Pink Slips are being given to thousands of military soldiers who have just served from Afghanistan. This will mean that there will be about 70,000 men and … [Read more...]

Interview With Dan Auito; Business, Marketing and Technology Master : High Speed Low Drag Podcast #6

Business, marketing and technology are where Danís skills, talents and ability is focused. He is responsible for starting up and running 6 businesses and have a couple more on the way. Entrepreneurship really is the core of everything that Dan does. HSLD: Besides the little background that weíve give about you, could you tell us a little more about yourself? Dan: I am an entreprene … [Read more...]

11 Things That Confuse Veterans In The Civilian World

While each veteranís experience may be highly different from each otherís, there is no doubt that there are some striking and even universal similarities too. One of the main things is that going back to the real world AKA the civilian world after serving can not only be daunting but can also be confusing as well. While there are so many things that can be considered confusing High Speed L … [Read more...]