Robert Longley | Creator Of The First Online Cruise Travel Agency | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

High Speed Nation, John Lee Dumas here, and I am fired up to bring you our feature guest today, Robert Longley. Robert, are you prepared to ignite? Robert: I'm always prepared to ignite. John: Yes! Robert spent eight year as an Air Force intelligent officer. He has since gone out to start the first online cruise travel agency and other entrepreneurial initiatives. He has spent most of his … [Read more...]

Jeff Rose | Alliance Wealth Management LLC CEO, Founder and Soldier of Finance Author | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

Jeff Rose is a certified financial planner and Iraqi combat veteran. He is also the CEO of Alliance Wealth Management LLC, the founder of author of Soldier of Finance. HSLD: Besides the little background that we?ve give about you, could you tell us a little more about yourself? Jeff: I?ve been a financial planner for a decade now. I love what I do. About 6 years ago, … [Read more...]

Interview With Tony Mendoza | Producer and Filmmaker | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

High Speed Low Dragís guest for today is no other than Tony Mendoza. Tony is an active duty member of the Nevada Army National Guard. He is also a digital content producer in Las Vegas who shot his first feature film after returning from Afghanistan in 2010. Tonyís goal is to teach film production full time after retiring from the service. With that introduction out of the way, letís le … [Read more...]

Adam Smith, Habit Hacker and Health Expert – High Speed Low Drag Podcast

A habit hacker and a health expert are not jobs that one sees or hears about everyday day but that?s exactly what Adam Smith is. This guy is a proud habit hacker and health expert who assists people in changing their lives using focused daily actions. For over two years now, Adam has impacted hundreds of lives by applying psychological principles in order to help his clients. Below is … [Read more...]