Four Things Veterans Need To Do To Build A Business

13271608933_17df382ec6_zThe focus on today’s post will be on a few questions that the High Speed Low Drag group got on a recent live event.

After presenting on the topic of transition success and how to succeed financially in the civilian world, we were bombarded with so many questions on the topic.

The main thing that everyone pretty much wanted to know were the specific things that veterans needed to do in order to successfully build their own business.

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In no particular order, here are four things that to us, veterans really need to do to be able to build a business of their own:

1. Figuring out a way to generate your own income

The main thing to note here is that there is a difference between sitting down and trying to think of a way to make money and actually taking action.

Just sitting there and attempting to make something work will not make it work. You have to go out there and take action!


2. Learn the most effective habits and life hacks that will work for you

There are plenty of life hacks that different people say can contribute to one’s success in business. The challenge comes in narrowing down which of these guys is actually telling the truth and can back up their claim.

Before jumping on a new set of habits or hacks, it may be worth asking if the person recommending them can show proof of his success. On of the great things about High Speed Elite is that members are given opportunities to interact with veterans who have successful businesses and careers as proof that their particular life hacks did and continue to work.

On another note, one of the simplest and most effective life hacks that anyone can do is simply get rid of the things and people that are not working in your life. Cut out all of the trivial things that simply do not meet your investment.

If you just cut off the stuff that isn’t working, you will find that by nature, you will gravitate towards stuff that will work.

3.Try to find ways that you can measure what you’re doing 

29Once you have an idea of a product or service there are actually ways that you can measure it or track it and see if it is creating any value for you.

There are simple ways to measure and track one’s business. A model anyone can use is the Eisenhower Matrix. Simply put the matrix allows you to divide tasks between urgent, non-urgent, important and non-important.

A way to achieve success using this matrix is to make sure to knock out the urgent tasks, as well as the important tasks (even though) they’re not urgent, just so you’re not caught unaware.

One can then easily get rid of tasks that are both non-urgent and non-important resulting in freed up time.

Always take note that there are so many business people who spend precious time building something but don’t get any validation and end up failing.

The worst part though is actually not the failure but it is the fact that because you didn’t measure and track anything then you don’t end up learning anything.

4. Get started and put it in your head that it is never to early to think about monetizing.

Getting started is definitely the most difficult thing about starting a business. A man could have so many ideas and a clear vision about this business model but if he doesn’t just get started then a business will never actually exist.

The next thing that a successful business person needs to figure out is how to make money from this business idea as soon as possible.

Monetizing is almost as equally daunting as actually starting a business because how does one figure out how to charge for something that people are actually afraid of.

The personal business success that we have achieved in our own business endeavours as the founders have taught us this: 

You don’ really have to re-invent the wheel.

You can take your business idea and see similar models that have achieved success out there. Don’t copy their idea outright but find ways to reach them, or even read about how they achieved success.

Then take those ideas and see how you can apply them to your own business or even spin it so that it fits in your business or it can target a totally new and untapped audience that the successful business may have looked over.

So that’s it veterans- the four things that you definitely need to knock down in order to build a successful and thriving business.

As always we hope this post was helpful to you and know that if you need more assistance the invitation  is always open for you to join High Speed Elite or even participate in one of our upcoming webinars!

Until next time!

Click here to listen to the iTunes version of the podcast Four Things Veterans Need to Build A Business

Click here to listen to the Stitcher version of the podcast Four Things Veterans Need to Build A Business