21 Wildly Successful Vets Living Amazing Lives On Their Own Terms

21 Wildly Successful Vets Living Amazing Lives On Their Own Terms high speed low drag soldier looking straight



Grab 1st??? We Have Personal Connection To These Guys…….

Jake Hariman (Marine Officer – I served with him) – Nuru International

Dre Armeda (Navy Enlisted) & Tony Perez (Marine Corps Enlisted) – Website Security - Sucuri

Paul Szoldra – (Navy Enlisted – Met him at NMX in Vegas) – The Duffel Blog

Kevin Poole – (Marine Officer) – FBI Consultant

Bob Ash – USMC – Weapons Range (he owns a flamethrower)- Tromix

Jeff Rose – (Army Enlisted) Financial Planner & Blogger – Good Financial Cents

Charlie Gilkey – (Army National Guard) – Productivity Coach http://www.therisetothetop.com/interviews-guests/how-to-kick-emails-butt-with-charlie-gilkey/

Brent Gleeson

Ryan Kellogg

Akshay Nanavati


Round 2 – Once We Have A Good Looking Site With Content

David Elliott (Air Force Enlisted) – Freedom Waterless Car Wash – http://mixergy.com/david-elliott-interview/

Paul C Buff (Marines Enlisted) – Alien Bees & White Lightning – Studio Lighting

Kelley Perdew – (Army Officer – Ranger?) http://mixergy.com/kelly-perdew/

Kim Garst (Military Spouse – Former Mixergy Guest) – Boom! Social 

Scott Lerner (USMC Officer – Former Mixergy Guest) – http://mixergy.com/scott-lerner-solixir-interview/

Dan Pena – (The Guthrie Group – Former Mixergy Guest) – http://mixergy.com/dan-pena-gwri-interview/

John Robb – (Writer, Business Owner – Former Mixergy Guest) – http://globalguerrillas.typepad.com/about.html http://mixergy.com/john-robb-gomez-interview/

Kyle Durand – (Military Vet, Tax Attorney, Founder , Mixergy Guest & Course Teacher) The Art of Business

Ran Harnevo – Isralie Air Force, Founder 5Min) – Former Mixergy Guest – http://mixergy.com/5min-ran-harnevo/



Hard Targets high speed low drag soldier with a gun

Bob Parsons (USMC) – GoDaddy Founder

Fed Smith (USMC) – FedEx Founder