Affiliate Disclosure


The following information is boring legal stuff that we really are required to present for your protection and ours. Most of it probably does not apply to you, but we’ve tried to make it at least a little entertaining anyway. Enjoy!

FTC Disclosures and Affiliate Information references the work and products of several affiliate sites, mostly but Antonio also owns A Tailored Suit LLC in case you haven’t figured that out. So know his opinion is VERY biased, although he tries to stay objective. But who in the world is 100% objective anyway – have you seen those people on the US Supreme Court? Yea, enough said.

We do not accept payment from our affiliates for reviews or for blog posts. But we do have our friends in the industry, and we like to help promote them just as much as they help promote us. It’s the way the world works!

Whenever possible we absolutely use products before referencing them on the blog. When we have not personally tried a product we will always do our best to inform the reader. Any information describing our experiences with products or services will always be accurate and comprehensive. If we don’t like a product or service we don’t recommend it to you, period. But don’t expect me to bad mouth any product or clothing – my life it too short to be creating negative content.

In the end of we recommend something it’s a service or product that we like and that we want to succeed.

Site Use, Posting, and Comments is officially considered a blog “for entertainment purposes only.” If you’re a lawyer, doctor, or consultant – please be careful using my information when dealing with people’s lives or billions of dollars. And if you have billions – feel free to contact me as I have an off shore account that needs filling.

Any information on our website is used at your own risk (though we like to think that it’s pretty reliable stuff). We cannot compensate anyone for losses suffered in relationship to the information on this website.

Web posts are updated after their posting date from time to time. These changes are largely cosmetic and not intended to mislead or alter our content. does not usually disclose after-posting alterations. However, in the case of any serious discussion or controversy we will do our best to be open and transparent about the content of the site at all times.

Comments are posted at the user’s own risk. is not responsible for any harm or losses suffered as a result of commenting on our website. We strongly encourage you to refrain from posting any personal information, and will be frankly surprised if anyone is still foolish enough to do that anywhere on the web. Unless you’re like me and know a crap load of Marine Corps Snipers who have my back covered!

All comments on this blog do become part of our content, and are as such exclusively the property of to retain, reproduce, alter, or share at our sole discretion. Think before you post.