Want To Advertise?

Ideal Advertiser Profile

  • In an industry that targets veterans & active duty military. Companies in the business, exercise, nutrition, investment, education, self improvement, automobile, tech, sports fields are all welcome.
  • Able to commit to a 1 year advertising contract.

Value Add Advertising

Our goal is to seamlessly incorporate your brand into evergreen content that will be relevant from 10 minutes to 10 years from publication. Seriously – we’re in this for the long-haul.

We don’t just take your money and run an ad – we work with you on copy, brand message, and perfecting your story so that you capture solid leads. We aim for the win-win as we realize you need to get a strong return on investment.

Advertising Opportunities

We offer a wide range of custom advertising packages:

  • 10% discounts on packages over $5,000
  • 20% discounts on packages over $10,000
  • 30% off package greater than $15,000
  • 40% off package greater than $25,000

You may purchase single placement spots to sample our effectiveness – minimum purchase of 8 placements at full-price required.

  • Video Sponsorship ($995 per placement)
  • Podcast Sponsorship ($295 per placement)
  • Post Sponsoring ($495 per placement)
  • Banner Ads ($500-$3000 per month)
  • Email Newsletter Sponsorship ($995 per blast)
  • Product image placement within articles ($100 per placement)
  • eBook Sponsorship ($10,000 for 50,000 downloads)