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HSLD 1400x1400Finally!

A podcast radio show for Veterans by Veterans.

The High Speed Low Drag bi-weekly podcast is available for download at itunes by clicking here:

OK – so you might be wondering…….

  • Whatmakes this podcast worth listening to?
  • Why is this radio show worth my time?
  • What the heck is this all about?

Good questions.


16 (2)What makes this podcast worth listening to?

We’re three successful veterans sharing our real-life, uncensored stories of military transition success and failure.

We are interviewing hundreds of military men and women just like you who have left active duty and are now making their mark on society.

We are not a government program, and our lessons, teachings, and interviews will rarely be politically correct.

We know you appreciate blunt but truthful feedback and guidance, and want to help you find your path in a world that publicly thanks you but privately seems to be working against you.

We’re tired of seeing veterans “settle” for a J.O.B. that gives them no satisfaction.

We’re friggin pissed that 20+ veterans a day kill themselves.

We believe veterans can make amazing contributions after leaving the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard.

We’re here to inspire and be your point man here in the civilian world.



71Why is this radio show worth my time?

Why is intelligence worth anything to a commander?

Because it allows him to better see the battlefield picture and not run through a minefield or trap if he doesn’t have to.

We have been out here picking up Intel for the last decade.

We’ve screwed up starting business, and had success creating them.

We’ve applied for jobs, gotten them, been fired, been to the top business schools, tasted law school, and published books.

Let us give you our intel!


139What the heck is this all about?’

Let’s face it.

The military is not going to fix transition assistance.

It’s not their job – winning wars and fighting battles, that’s the focus of the armed forces.

As vets who have created companies and tasted success – we feel it’s going to have to be us pathfinders who send back a map to you all just starting your journey.

We know even a small bit of help can translate into thousands of dollars saved and years not wasted.

High Speed Low Drag is transition assistance on steroids…..except we don’t assist.

No – we challenge you to pick up your rucksack, grab your weapons of choice, and run to catch the unit of your choice and kick ass with us here in the civilian world.

Believe me – it’s a lot of fun and you don’t have to wait on the word from higher 🙂


Semper Fi,

Antonio, Tom, & John


The High Speed Low Drag bi-weekly podcast is available for download at itunes byclicking here: