Core Transition Articles

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A. Enemy Forces – Current Military Transition Sucks Ass. It’s outdated, inflexible, ineffective, and does not adequately serve the man/woman who joined the fight TO BE CHALLENGED

B. Friendly Forces – Antonio Centeno & John Lee Dumas – Both of us agree the current military transition service can be augmented with a sustainable for-profit business that leverages our knowledge base, resources, and connections.

C. Attachments/Detachment – As Former Military Officers we have access to high profile individuals based off our service credibility and body of business work/credibility.


II. Mission

HSLD’s mission is to provide an 8-week transition course that prepares & forces the transitioning service member/vet to take action towards getting a job. starting a business, and building business skills he/she needs to succeed. It is designed to adapt/scale to the participants situation, rank, education, and be available 100% online. Goal is to employ inspirational vets who can inspire others and display leadership in taking students from warfighter to agile & prepared businessman.


98% Job Seeker (OPEN MINDS)


2% Entrepreneurs (Sharpen Minds)




Why? – Because service members seek challenge and fulfillment in their careers after the military – by helping them find success we help eradicate veteran poverty, violence, and suicide.


III. Execution

A. Commander’s Intent – Create a sufficiently profitable business that delivers high value to the transitioning warfighter at a fair price.


Center of Gravity – The low hanging fruit, and immediate focus – will be on career skills so service members/vets hit the ground running.


Exploitation Plan – leveraging solid, free content (Interviews & Core Concept Articles) we draw in the ideal traffic and convert a percent into buyers. Products will range from a 100% automated course ($47) to an interactive course ($197-$397) one-on-one consulting course ($1,997) and course for businesses ($9,997).


Continuity Plan – An elite mastermind will be priced at $97 or $197 per month. Mastermind will include bi-weekly webinars, access to elite facebook community, all current and future automated products for free, One 30-minute welcome Skype chat with Antonio or John, a welcome pack of HSLD gear (Coffee Mug, mousepad, things to make them feel part of the community), a ranking system based on time in grade (time in HSLD elite mastermind) and more.


Desired Endstate – Within 12-months we should be aiming to make monthly sales of $30,000 per month. Within 3 years my goal is to be removed from the day to day operations of the business and employing 10 inspiring veterans with sales averaging over 150K per month.


B. Concept of the Operations

Scheme of Maneuver

Fire Support Plan

C. Tasks

High Speed Low Drag Podcast. John Lee Dumas will lead from the front on this mission. Utilizing his current skill set and equipment, John will create the High Speed Low Drag Podcast from the ground up. HSLD will be a podcast that interviews Veterans who have successfully made the transition to civilian life. We will share their journey, starting with initial challenges they faced, the first round of failures, the AHA moment that propelled them into their current state of success. Then we will finish with a lightening round of 5 questions designed to further the listeners skill set for their leap into life as a civilian.

D. Coordinating Instructions


IV. Administration/Logistics

A. Administration – “Bad Guys & Bandages”: EPW & Casevac Plans

Do we own

B. Logistics – “Beans, Bullets, & Batteries”: Chow, Ammo, Supply, Comms, Pyro, etc.



V. Command/Signal (Command and Control in the Army version)

A. Signal

Get the word out about HSLD

Partner with companies such as Cameron Brooks, Bradley Morris, Lucas Group

Allow one of these companies to sponsor the Podcast

Speaking engagements at bases around the world


B. Command

Location of Key Leaders

Succession of Command