How Veterans Can Leverage Their Unfair Advantage In The Business World | High Speed Low Drag Podcast 19 Transcript

Tom: Hey, everyone. Tom Morkes is here alongside Antonio Centeno and we want to welcome you back to another episode of the High Speed Low Drag podcast. Antonio, how's it going? Antonio: It's cool and great, Tom. How are you? Tom: I'm doing good. It's a good morning and I'm excited to be here and talk to you a little bit about today's subject, which we're going to be digging in based on some … [Read more...]

How Veterans Can Find And Leverage Mentors: High Speed Low Drag Podcast

Mentorship. How important is it? Does having a mentor really make a difference? And if you?ve identified that you want and more importantly NEED a mentor how do you go about finding one? These are just a few of the most common questions that have been asked by some of our High Speed Elite members. Of course, we immediately realized that since the topic was a more common concern than we … [Read more...]