13 Advantages Vets Have In The Marketplace – Test YY

12. Courage

It may seem surprising that we’ve placed this close to the end of the list. That’s not because it doesn’t matter — rather, it’s because it’s something that people almost expect of a veteran.

Men and women who’ve served in combat are expected to be brave. And that can be a daunting expectation sometimes — it’s one of the reasons so many veterans have trouble seeking treatment for PTSD or other mental traumas, for example; they feel like they’re not fulfilling the image of the rock-solid soldier.

And that’s not something to encourage. But what is worth encouraging is the consciousness that yeah, you’ve been trained to face some of the hardest situations in the world. You don’t have to be reckless to prove anything. When the going gets tough, you’re going to deal with it, because that’s just what you gotta do in the military. There’s no room for panic.

Hang onto that strength. Don’t make it a caricature. A brave guy doesn’t have to be a “tough guy.” He just has to face difficulties without running away from them.

And that’s something that most people don’t know how to do, so if you can handle it you’re putting yourself in a very special class of people — and you’re a guy that everyone’s going to want on their team.

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