13 Advantages Vets Have In The Marketplace – Test YY

8. Reliability and Performance under Pressure

Similar to some of the things we’ve said earlier: if people have been relying on a guy to watch their backs in a firefight, employers can probably rely on that guy to handle a bad day at work, too.

It all goes back to the basic idea that the worst day imaginable in a civilian job is still probably not going to be as bad as life in a combat zone.

Guys who freak out about little things or panic when everything stops going according to plan tend to get that drilled out of them pretty fast in the military. In civilian fields there’s a lot less pressure to weed those behaviors out, since they’re annoying but not generally a matter of life and death.

That’s a very attractive quality to employers, especially in fields where things do get high stress and situations can change very rapidly. Obvious examples include things like police or search-and-rescue jobs, which are fairly similar to the military, but the “calm under fire” trait is just as useful on a stock trading floor or in an engineering lab.

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